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The tool has top and bottom connections and can be run in conjunction with other wellbore cleaning tools, thereby promoting single trip displacement runs. Q p l lugeon value q water taken in test litresmetremin p test pressure bars 10 as correction for standard test pressure of 10 bar. Guidance is given on design of tests, including the maximum hydraulic conductivity that can be measured by the method. Range of lugeon values and the corresponding rock condition. A lugeon is a unit devised to quantify the water permeability of bedrock and the hydraulic conductivity resulting from fractures. The lugeon test, sometimes call also packer test, is an insitu testing method widely used to estimate the avarage hydraulic conductivity of rock mass. Lugeon testing calibration pressure measurement scribd. Lugeon test pdf permeability test is necessary on terrain where are predicted soakaways which store water after big rainfall and provide efficient soil infiltration. Wireline parts for b,n,h, and p series core barrels, composite cable up to 2500 feet in continuous lengths, water test kits. The lugeon test is widely used to estimate average hydraulic conductivity of rock masses. More specifically, the lugeon test is used to measure the amount of water injected into a segment of the bored hole under a. Our double packer standard systems dpss can be installed in boreholes down to 300 m depth. A shallow slope corresponds to a low lugeon value, a steep slope corresponds to high lugeon value. The standard wireline permeability packers are configured and designed for to perform permeability and single packer tests easily and efficiently.

Borehole packer tests at multiple depths resolve distinct. Due to the equation originally being developed for pumping tests in confined porous media aquifers whereby two observation boreholes are used, when using the equation for single packer lugeon. Improvements in the lugeon or packer permeability test. The test is typically conducted along several vertical intervals in a single borehole. Hydraulic conductivity determination by lugeon test. Use of packer test results in hydrogeological characterization. One packer in an open borehole or well screen isolates a zone from the packer to the bottom of the well.

Practical aspects of water pressure testing for rock grouting. Permeability test lugeon test permeability test lugeon test. The test is carried out at five stages including increasing and decreasing pressure between zero and maximum pressure. This interpretation technique makes it useful to do realtime monitoring and interpretation of the test data in the field. The leg 168 tests were conducted mainly by setting the packer in casing above basement, so that properties and conditions. Lugeon test, complete online calculator dat instruments.

Hydraulic in situ testing for mining and engineering design. Hydrogeology, lugeon value, packer test, permeability. In aquifertest, a single borehole can have multiple lugeon tests at various intervals. Pdf hydraulic in situ testing for mining and engineering. The use of continuous recording equipment, modern materials for. Technical guidance manual for ground water investigations chapter 4 pumping and slug tests. Packer permeability tests are used routinely in geotechnical investigations to allow estimation of hydraulic conductivity by analysis of pressureflow rate response during controlled injection of water into a section of borehole, isolated by packers.

It is useful to calculate lugeon value in permeability luyeon, given water pressure in bar, megapascal or psiwater volume in literstest duration in minutes and length of borehole test interval in meters. Imwa 20 packer testing specialists for the mining industry. The packer test has been used for many years as a simple method of assessing the hydraulic conductivity of a limited section of a borehole. Single packer test single element packer test interval are bound by the base of the packer and the bottom of the borehole water filled fractures pressurized water. The hydraulic testing consists of lowering a packer tool down through the drill casing and into. The double packer test is a classical field method for in situ determination of formation permeability. Insitu tests are keywords packer test lugeon hydraulic normally associated.

Design and interpretation of packer permeability tests for. Technical guidance manual for ground water investigations chapter 4 pumping and slug tests december 2006 revision 1 ohio environmental protection agency. Single pressure tests can be misleading because of all the unknown pressure and flow variables affecting the test. Interpretation methods currently available in the literature were developed at a time when measurements were made in an analogous fashion and data was.

Standard operating procedure for borehole packer testing page 2 1. A single lugeon value is then calculated for each one of these five tests, using the formula. The test data from different test intervals show that a i varies between 0. Packer testing is a technique in which one or more inflatable bladders, or packers, are used to isolate different regions of a borehole for hydraulic testing or water sampling. The test equipment includes the borehole instrumentation packers with testing rods, probe and valve, the unit for flow and pressure control and the data acquisition system. Aquifertest pro is an easytouse software package used by hydrogelogists for analyzing and reporting groundwater pumping test and slug test data.

The lugeon test is an in situ testing method widely used to estimate the average hydraulic conductivity in rock mass. Maurice lugeon, as described below, the intensity of grouting programs was. Injection lugeon testing injection testing involves injecting water at specified. They are also designed to leave the packer bore free of all setting devices and maintain a large fluidbypass area through the packer. The tested interval between the inflated packer and the bottom of the borehole was about. Single packer testing was completed as the boreholes were advanced. The standard wireline permeability packer system has a range of packer sizes. Hydraulic in situ measurement of rock mass permeability by packer lugeon. Keywords imwa 20, packer testing, hydrogeology, lugeon, wireline packer. Rst borehole packers are suitable for monitor well sampling, zone testing and monitoring, permeability testing, hydrofracturing of formations, pressure grouting, and sealing off artesian flows in open and cased holes.

During the process, pressure and flow rate and their variation over time. Equation 1a indicates that the flow in the tested rocks follows the darcys law and is dominated by the viscous forces. Standard test method for determining transmissivity and. Monitoring water levels during pumping test above, below and in between packers using transducers to confirm no leaking around packers. In addition, the need for manual pressure adjust ments by the. The slope of each line segment is indicative of the lugeon value as the test proceeds. Isrm suggested method for the lugeon test request pdf. Interpretation of the data is discussed with consideration of the test methods. The main feature of a hydraulic test is the injection or production of water into or from the formation. Advances in hydrogeologic testing of mineral exploration.

Injection lugeon testing injection testing involves injecting water at specified pressures and recording flow step pressure flow rate. Single packer rock permeability lugeon tests are carried out in. We assume no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in tewt content of this lugeon test calculator or such. Technical guidance manual for ground water investigations. Packer tests in boreholes in fractured rock involving injection or withdrawal of water in borehole segments have. Packer permeability testing in deep inclined boreholes feasibility study for subsea tunnel, nalcor energy strait of belle isle program. This paper describes and discusses geotechnical testing in the. Stepbystep packer testing for hydrogeologic projects. Material sourced from internet and for training purposes only joints a joint is a break in arock. A typical lugeon test is conducted by installing an inflatable packer in a single borehole and. These permanent packers can be slickline, electric line, or hydraulic set on the workstring. The layout of equipment for the test is as shown in fig. Keywords imwa 20, packer testing, hydrogeology, lugeon, wireline packer system.

Note that this area in an uncased borehole or using a single packer for some tests would include the exposed area at the bottom of the borehole. Practical aspects of water pressure testing for rock grouting adam paisley, p. Permeability test can be done in rocks and in the ground, which is the theme for one of the next blogs. Perforated sections from 5 ft to 100 ft double packer application. After the test is complete, the packers are deflated, then moved into the new position in the borehole, reinflated and the test procedure is repeated as described above. Usually they are used in areas where surface runoff cannot be disposed into existing sewers or watercourses. The formulae used in this calculation are based on the assumption that the formation is continuous, homogeneous and isotropic, and that the borehole is cased impervious except for the region of injection between the packers. Aardvark offers a full line of accessories and options related to the packer industry and for our line of inflatable packers. Design of an exploration program for water testing for grouting. Sometimes called packer tests or lugeon tests, this test may be the only. Packer testing in geotechnical engineering geological. Estimating hydraulic conductivity of fractured rocks from.

It is a fracture in rock where there is little to no lateral movement. The lugeon value for the test interval should be determined by analysis of the individual test. It is useful to calculate lugeon value in permeability tests, given water pressure in bar, megapascal or psi, water volume in liters, test duration in minutes and length of borehole test interval in meters. Packer permeability testing in deep inclined boreholes.

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