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Built on success, digital clamp meters designed by fluke are known as workhorse current clamp meters. Operating instructions 21030t true rms ac clamp meter. The 600a ac extech am600 analog clamp meter can be used for anything from general ac electrical work to specialty projects. User manual digital clamp multimeter model no msrc600.

Confidently take reliable readings with the true rms, fluke 355 digital clamp meter the tool of choice for high current clamp on amp meter measurement up to 2000 a. Clamp meter safety information 5 to avoid false readings that can lead to electrical shock and injury, replace the batteries as soon as the low battery indicator appears. The jaws are individually wrapped by coils of copper wire. Clamp multimeters mastech ms2101 mastech ms2101 digital clamp multimeter digital clamp meter to measure acdc current, voltage, resistance, capacitance, frequency and duty cycle. The extech am600 analog clamp meter has a special temperature function that allows you to measure the operating temperature of motors and other electrical devices. Clamp meter safety information 3 remove the test leads from the meter before the battery door is opened. I dont script this stuff, and sometimes get a little sloppy. With advanced performance, the amp clamp meter line is designed to be simple to use and gimmickfree. View and download fluke 365 calibration manual online. English 2200 7 1 5 2 3 6 cl2200 feature details instruction manual a.

Extech am600 600a ac analog clamp meter clamp meters. Acdc clamp meter with radiometric lepton thermal imaging system, integrated vfd. A caution identifies conditions and procedures that could cause meter damage, equipment under test damage, or. The 270 comes complete with the following accessories. I bought this multimeter after comparing many over the internet. As shown in a figure at left, a hall element is placed across a gap created by cutting off part of the transformer jaws. Current measurement measurement of true inrush current overcurrent voltage measurement frequency measurement continuity test with buzzer resistance measurement diode test. Extra large numerals, minmax, capacitance, dc microamps and duty cycle are just a few of the features of the 270.

If the meter automatically powersoff while in a measurement setting, rotate function selector 2 switch to any other setting excluding the off setting to power on the meter. Ms2101 digital clamp meter to measure acdc current, voltage, resistance, capacitance, frequency and duty cycle. Dc voltage, frequency, duty ratio, resistance, capacitance measurement, circuit connection, diode test and. Together, they form a magnetic core during measurements. Examine the test leads for damaged insulation or exposed metal. Clamp meters using current transformer for ac measurement current transformer clamp meters are equipped with rigid jaws of made of ferrite iron. Hvac clamp meter using the meter display hold xwwarning to avoid possible electric shock or personal injury, when display hold is activated, be aware that the display will not change when you apply a different voltage. An overview of clamp meter electrical engineering portal. Buy kkmoon unit ut210e true rms acdc current mini clamp meters with capacitance tester. You must be careful when working with voltages above 30v ac. Clamp meters working principle instrumentation tools. Clamp meter ac dc clamp meter wholesale supplier from delhi. I managed to scan it, so if you have lost yours then it might come handy.

Mastech focuses on providing the best quality and innovative product with the best service to our customers. Clamp meter display reading is the insulation resistance value if the reading is below 19m, change clamp meter and insulation tester unit to 20m range, can be increase the accuracy. Ac clamp meter hvac amp320 acdc clamp meter electrical motor maintenance amp330 acdc a clamp meter industrial motor maintenance amp300 series motor maintenance trms clamp meters the modern evolution of the professional clamp meter amprobes amp300 series truerms clamp meters offer a complete range of measuring. These small and rugged clamp meters are ideally suited for current measurements up to a 319 in tight cable compartments.

Utilizing the principle of current transformer, the reading will be displayed. Digital clamp meter operation manual introduction clamp meter is 3 12 digit lcd and standard 9v battery operation for measuring dc voltage, ac and dc current, resistance and continuity test. The meter has clamp head frequency measurement function. The hioki 3287 is an acdc current and voltage clamp meter that also measures continuity and resistance, featuring a double jaw lever and slim profile.

The slim design 270 is a handheld, autoranging clamp digital multimeter. Model 316 features autoranging capabilities and is ideal for use in cramped quarters. Job functions applications key features recommended clamp electrical contractor working on panels and branch circuits measure loads on a branch circuit at a panel including feeder cables, branch circuits, and neutrals and the continuity of switches, fuses, and. Before using check whether the insulation on test leads has been. Important information about the amprobe lh41a acdc clamp on ammeter, including uses and specifications. The instructions in these warnings must be followed. Aware of the importance of the device to electricians and working professionals, moglix presents a new range of clamp meters. Kkmoon unit ut210e true rms acdc current mini clamp. Model 2010acdc digital clamp metersproductskyoritsu. Owing to their compact design and vast range, these clamp meters are highly. Ames instruments acdc clamp meter cm610a catlll 600v. A single button switches the clamp between multicore and single core operation, ensuring the mmc850 is the only clamp meter. For measuring ac voltage,dc voltage,ac current, resistance, diode,duty cycle,temperature test. This clamp meter is designed to take current measurements on circuits with a maximum voltage difference of 500vac between any conductor and ground potential.

View and download mastech ms2108a operation manual online. In the display hold mode, the meter freezes the display. Ac and dc current to 200 amps as well as resistance and continuity upon voltage. Clampon ammeter or simply clamp meter is an instrument that is used to measure the current flowing through a conductor. Unlike most clamp meters, they also include dmm capabilitiesresistance, capacitance, frequency and temperatureto simplify troubleshooting during. Ms2205 three phase digital power clamp meter with rs232. In short, this is an excellent meter for the price. The meter is used for ac current, dc current, voltage. The manual is a general one for the dt3266 range of meters.

Handle electrical applications flawlessly using clamp meters. All product names are trademarks of their respective companies. An ac clamp meter basically consists of a current transformer in its jaws, bar ct usually. You can find ac clamp meters with cheap prices, but this one has the additional benefit that this can also measure dc with the clamp. Digital clamp meter ms2101digital clamp meters meters. The fluke 323, 324 and 325 clamp meters are designed to perform in the toughest environments and provide noisefree, reliable results users can trust to. With truerms ac voltage and current measurements, the fluke 373 reads up to 600 a ac and 600 v ac or dc. Hello friend in this vedio i will tell to you how to use digital clampmeter with full details if i leave any thing to explain you can leave your comment or contact at. Clamp meter is a handheld device with multimeter functions and able to measure acdc current directly without breaking the electrical conductor. Chauvin arnoux current clamps with a true rms multi meter. Low level dc amp range for easy detection of excessive parasitic. During working at frequency or duty measuring function, the meter cant be changed into maximum or minimum. Detachable jaw makes accessing wires and viewing the.

Fluke 772 and 773 milliamp process clamp meters use the fluke 772 and 773 to. This clamp meter is designed to provide years of dependable service, if the following care instructions are performed. Unlike conventional clamp meters, the meter features a remote jaw that is connected to the main body via extension cable. With our rich product line and continuous effort of product upgrades and improvement, we are proud to offer a full range of products from digital multimeters, digital clamp meters, voltage testers, plug testers, and all range of environmental testers to our valued customers. As expected, however, the motor is too hot to touch. User manual flir cm174 imaging clamp meter with igmtm. The ac clamp meter has a 334 digit digital display capable of measuring resistance, continuity and diode test. With the range switch of the clampon current probe set to 6 amps, the meter indicates 5. Bside acm91 digital clamp meter 1ma acdc current true rms autoranging 6000 counts meter hz temperature capacitance live check valert low impedance voltage tester 4. Temperature extremes can shorten the life of the electronic parts and distort or melt plastic parts. Digital clamp meter to measure acdc current, voltage, resistance, capacitance, frequency and duty cycle.

Their basic operation is like that of a transformer. Also, it is optimized for 5060hz sine waves, so will not measure the current from the esc to the motor which is at a much higher frequency and a trapezoid wave very well, if at all. The bk precision milliamp clamp meter is more than just current clamps it offers the ability to measure voltage and resistance. This handy multimeter can be used in a variety of applications. The offered clamp meters are designed to provide absolutely precise results to the customers and have gained immense appreciation from the customers. Do not use the meter if the meter or test leads look damaged, or if you suspect that the meter is not operating properly. This instrument is an acdc clamp meterdigital multimeter of the rms. Clamp meters free delivery possible on eligible purchases.

Additionally it measures acdc voltage, resistance, frequency, capacitance and temperature. During measuring maximum or minimum value, the meter will be set to manual mode automatically. Download a copy of the user manual for your amprobe product. Versatile and rugged tools for applications with high currents. We are among the preeminent names in the industry, engaged in offering fluke clamp meter to our valuable customers. The dsa500a sperry instruments clamp meter is a 7 function, 17 range autoranging unit with noncontact voltage. The new milliamp clamp meters are practical where a traditional sized meter may be to cumbersome to use. Have the meter serviced only by qualified service personnel. Acdc digital clamp meter safety information damaged in transit. Mastech ms2101 4000 count mini digital clamp meter acdc. This video explains why it is important to buy a true rms clamp meter, and not an averaging clamp meter. Feature the acdc digital clamp meter is an autorange professional clamp meter with 3999 counts.

How to use digital clamp meter with full details hindi. True rms measurements within the clamps frequency response are possible by using most. High current and a large jaw, make these clamps well suited for industrial and utility applications. The convenience and potential time saving from using the multicore clamp is considerable. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and we never accept free products from manufacturers. If you incorrectly connect your clamp meter to a circuit, or if you have the clamp meter on wrong setting, you damage the meter and possibly hurt yourself. Buy mastech ms2101 4000 count mini digital clamp meter acdc voltage current resistance tester detector.

Measure up to 2500 a ac current with select fluke clamp meters provides increased display flexibility and ability to measure awkward sized conductors works with frequency, inrush and minmax functions 7. It is matching with 500v insulation test attachment for insulation test function. Please forgive me in advance for inaccurate language r. Keywords ac dc current clamp meter, clamp on ammeter, amprobe meters.

Acdc620t acdc true rms clampon multimeter product manual. Work horse clamp with increased performance and flexibility 373 truerms ac clamp meter the new fluke 373 clamp meter offers improved performance perfect for many ac only current measurement situations. Clamp meters are widely used by electricians in order to measure very high currents with the help of a transformer. Uei dl479 truerms ac hvacr clamp meter, 750vac600vdc, 600aac with noncontact voltage tester. Page 1 milliamp process clamp meter instruction sheet introduction the handheld, batteryoperated fluke 772 and 773 milliamp process clamp meters the meter can be used in troubleshooting transmitters, valves, plc and dcs io.

Measure 4 to 20 ma signals without breaking the loop just like the innovative and popular fluke 771 process milliamp clampmeter source 4 to 20 ma signals for testing control system io or ips simulate 4 to 20 ma signals for testing control system io. The clampon meter model 601 is a professional electrical measuring instrument that combines the following functions. In general hall elements are used as a sensor to detect dc current because it is not possible to employ an electromagnetic induction method as used for dedicated ac clamp meters. Home products meters digital clamp meters digital clamp meter ms2101. Consult original manufacturer service manualfor the test procedures that apply to your particular piece of equipment. A wide variety of digital clamp meter manual options are available to you, such as standard or nonstandard, material. Unit ut210e true rms acdc current clamp meter unboxing. Clamp meter press the maxmin button more than one second or press the ran button, the meter will get back to normal test. Qtr 32 ames a true rms clamp meter by harbor freight. Lcd display, 1999 counts 6 functions, 17 ranges data hold function low battery indication audible continuity test. M700 acdc clamp meterleakage clamp meter clamp meter. Dual display digital clamp meter 15 pages measuring instruments mastech ms2203 user manual. All products documentation is published in pdf portable document.

We sometimes take them for granted, until we damage them or burn them out. People mostly recommend fluke, but i found this one instead of a fluke. Your clamp on multimeter is a handheld, bateryy operated instrument for testing and troubleshooting electrical and electronic systems. The fluke 317 and 319 are designed with ergonomic concepts, shaped to fit your hand and to access tight spots easily. The dt3266l comes with a paperbased user manual consisting of a single sheet of fanfolded paper. The meter also beeps every 4 seconds and hflashes to remind the user. Ms2108a auto range digital clamp meter 400 ac dc current hz.

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